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Welcome to superstats

     What is SuperStats?

SuperStats is the most powerful web page statistic service available to help you track traffic patterns, visitor profiles, and marketing effectiveness of your web site. SuperStats tracks your stats for as long as you have an account, and you can track as many web pages as you wish. No programming is required!

What can SuperStats tell me?
SuperStats tracks more information than any other web-tracking service. Our exclusive reports include:

  • Site traffic reports - Daily, monthly, and yearly reports for page hits, unique visitors, and most popular pages on your site
  • Visitor profile reports - What browsers, operating systems, monitor settings, and languages they use, as well as which domains and countries they came from.
  • Marketing reports - How people were referred to your site (i.e., through ad banners, search engines, or other people's links). Also see what keywords people use to find you!

Click here for more details about SuperStats reports

How does SuperStats work?
It's easy. When you sign up for an account, we provide a few lines of HTML code for you to paste into each web page you wish to track. Unlike other services, SuperStats does not require users to download software. This means no messing around with complicated log files, CGIs, or web analysis programs. Nothing could be easier! Once you have inserted the new code into your page, your statistics will be instantly updated every time your page is loaded.

How do I sign up?
There are three ways you can access SuperStats:

  • PROFESSIONAL Service (subscription)-Our PROFESSIONAL Service provides real time tracking and reporting in 22 key statisical areas. Your reports are archived, so you have access to historical site data cataloged by by day, month, and year. Measurements are carried out by an invisible tracker that is placed on your page, so your sites appearance will remain unchanged. This complete service is available starting at $19.95 per month.
  • BANNER Service (free with an ad banner)-Our BANNER Service provides the same tracking offered by our PROFESSIONAL Service, but instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, users place a banner on their web sites. Banner ads on our network will advertize either services (like SuperStats), or third party items. Banners are carefuly screened to avoid objectional material and are suitable for general audiences.
  • LITE Service (trial version)- Our LITE Service provides a tracking package covering seven basic aspects of site traffic (verses 22 aspects of traffic covered by the PROFESSIONAL Service). Archived reports are only maintained for eight days. This service is available free of charge; users simply place a link-back button on their sites.

Our sign-up process is quick and easy. If you wish, sign up now! If you'd like to see a demo account, click here.

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