Get detailed reports on number of visitors to your site as well as search engines and keywords that are driving visitors to your site

$9.95 a month
$99.95 a year
Get 12 months for the price of 10!

SuperStats Professional provides reports that include visitor analysis, Marketing reports, Search Engine tracking, and details on the pages visited from entry to exit.

$29.95 a month
$299.50 a year
Get 12 months for the price of 10!

SuperStats Premium gives you all the features of our Professional version plus unique tools to support e-commerce web site tracking, detailed HTML analysis, and site performance monitoring tools.

$99.95 $34.95 a month
$999.50 $349.50 a year
Get 12 months for the price of 10!
  Standard Professional Premium

Visitor Detail Reports

Page Views

Traffic from Search Engines

Keywords used by visitors

All features of Standard plus visitor profile reports, Search Engine tracking and site path reporting

Over 100 reports

All the features of Professional plus e-commerce performance, HTML analysis, and server monitoring

Over 500 reports

Ideal for

Web site owners with fundamental reporting needs on visitors and search engine referrers.

Small Business web site owners that require in depth traffic analysis and search engine referral reporting

E-commerce web site owners that demand detailed marketing reports and ROI analysis.


SuperStats standard gives Web site owners detailed reports to analyze their Web site visitors.

These reports help analyze

Visitor details

Page Views by the hour, day, month etc.

Referrals from Search engines

Keywords used by visitors

Other sites referring visitors.

Detailed, page-level traffic reports.

Reports in 5 different formats including Word and Excel

Display search keywords that visitors used to find your web site

Site navigation reports show how visitors travel through your site

Track the purchases made on your site

Understand which Search Engines send you the most revenue

Calculate cost per acquisition

Monitor site load time and uptime

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