How Web Page Statistics Work

SuperStats provides accurate, real-time web page statistics for your web site so that you can gain valuable user statistics from web site traffic.

With more than 100 web page statistic reports available, SuperStats shows exactly how much traffic your web site receives, and which web pages are the most pouplar. Historical reports allow you to view web site traffic trends over time and compare your current site traffic to web page hits last week, last month, or even last year. Key traffic reports include:

Hosted on servers, SuperStats' traffic monitoring tools provide precise reports and statistical analysis on your site traffic. Real-time processing ensures that activity is logged and analyzed as visitors use your site.

With SuperStats, there's no softweare that you need to install and maintain -- nor expensive hardware to purchase. Instead SuperStats automatically generates a small piece of HTML code that you place on your web pages. That code enables SuperStats to begin tracking web page hits and analyzing site visitor activity.

Detailed Web Site Statistics Reports

Detailed reports help your e-commerce web site track purchases made on your site, the cost of acquiring customers and expenses on search engine referrals. SuperStats helps you optimize your online marketing by giving you crucial statistical analysis about conversions and customer activity.

With SuperStats, you can learn which web sites and search engines supply you with the best leads and the most sales, and calculate the cost of each customer acquisition and manage your web site marketing more effectively. Key e-commerce web site reports include:

24x7 Access to Web Page Stats and Traffic Reports

Your web site traffic reports are available from any computer, at any time: just log into your account to get your statistics online. Or, you can have SuperStats deliver your web page statistics to your e-mail inbox daily.

You can download your web site traffic reports and statistical data to your computer, in a number of formats: Word, Excel, and PDF, to name a few.

Your traffic reports are saved permanently on, so you can refer back to old web site traffic figures, or have the system analyze monthly and yearly trends in site traffic.

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