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IT professionals are concerned when any change takes place on their web site. This page explains the technical details of how SuperStats functions. SuperStats' method of tracking is more accurate and reliable than any other solution. SuperStats releases the full power of the Internet to help your online efforts succeed.

No software to install or download
Because SuperStats is remotely hosted, there is no software for you to install or download. This means no wasted time installing, maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other site tracking services. You simply paste a section of HTML code into each page you wish to track; after that, your statistics will be instantly updated every time your page is loaded. Plus, you won't need to hire additional staff to analyze log files and run software applications. We do all of that work for you.

Scalable to accommodate high-traffic sites
Our remote hosting provides the server and support infrastructure needed to accommodate the tracking of high-traffic sites as well as any rapidly growing sites. SuperStats can accommodate large increases in traffic, allowing your company to reach any level of growth and still be accurately tracked.

Proven reliability
In order to deliver the fastest, most reliable service, we use Exodus to host servers for the entire Network. Exodus' expertise with the highest trafficked Internet sites in the world (like Yahoo! and Netscape) is extensive. Network downtime is almost non-existent, and substantial redundancy and parallel data connections help ensure full-time, high-speed access.

  • On-premises Security Officers
  • Security Breach Alarms
  • Server Operations Monitoring
  • Gas-Based Fire Suppression Systems
  • Electronic Motion Sensors
  • Continuous Video Surveillance
  • Biometric Access and Exit Sensors
  • Seismically-braced Server Racks
  • UPS Backup Generators
  • Redundant HVAC Controled Environment
Real-time tracking and reporting
SuperStats is remotely hosted, which means that our servers perform all tracking and reporting functions. Conventional software used by other services does not have the capacity to perform real-time tracking and reporting; remote hosting allows us to track, compile and make your data available to you in real time as visitors come to your site. Plus, you can access your reports from anywhere simply by logging in.

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